Immigrant Visa - Green Card Categories & Information

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Extraordinary Ability

Applicants must qualify on the basis of their abilities in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, and must intend to continue working in their field. No labor certification or job offer is required.

Outstanding Professors & Researchers

Applicants are required to have at least three years of teaching or research experience to qualify in this category.

Multinational Executives & Managers

To qualify in this category, applicants must have been employed by the overseas parent company for at least one year out of the preceding three years.

Labor Certification-PERM

To apply for an employment-based green card, first an approved Labor Certification must be obtained through PERM process at the Department of Labor.

Family-Based Green Cards

Immediate relatives of US Citizen - spouse, minor children (under 21), parents (if citizen is over 21) - are eligible for Green Cards without any waiting period save that involved in processing the application.

National Interest Waiver

The labor certification process may be waived if an alien can show that his work will benefit the “national interest” of the United States.

Diversity Visa

Under the Diversity Visa or Lottery program, 50,000 immigrant visas are allocated to applicants randomly selected by the Department of State.